College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

Battey, James , College Park Professor and Director, NIDCD

Braun, Michael, Adjunct Professor (Smithsonian Laboratory of Molecular Systematics). Molecular approaches to evolutionary biology; recovering genetic information from ancient DNA; avian hybrid zones.
Breitburg, Denise, Adjunct Professor (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center). Marine and estuarine ecology; relationship between behavior and community ecology; behavior and ecology of fishes

Calabrese, Justin M., Research Ecologist, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Delwiche, Charles, Professor (Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, and CBCB). Genomics of protists and algal biodiversity; early evolution of photosynthetic eukaryotes; evolution of endosymbiotic organelles and their genomes; origin of land plants from green algae.

Dooling, Robert J., Affiliate Professor (Department of Psychology, UMCP). Comparative psychoacoustics, hearing, vocal communication, and vocal learning in animals; hair cell regeneration and recovery of auditory function.
R Fleischer Fleischer, Robert, Adjunct Professor, (National Zoo). Evolutionary genetics, molecular genetics, ornithology.
Herberholz, Jens, Affiliate Professor (Department of Psychology, UMCP). Neural basis of animal behavior; identifying and examining neural circuitry that underlies offensive and defensive aggression as well as decision-making and behavioral choice.
Hines, Anson, Adjunct Professor (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center). Ecology of marine and estuarine invertebrates; predator-prey interactions.
Hodos, William, Affiliate Professor (Department of Psychology, UMCP). Vision and visual system in birds; comparative neuroanatomy; evolution of brain and behavior; animal intelligence.
Kelley, Matthew W., Adjunct Associate Professor, (National Institutes of Health). Development of vertebrate auditory system, determination of cell fate, cellular patterning.
Moss, Cynthia F., Affiliate Professor (Department of Psychology, UMCP). Comparative sensory physiology and behavior; auditory information processing in bats; psychophysical studies of spatial perception by sonar.
Mount, Steve, Associate Professor (Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics). Pre-mRNA splicing signals.
O'Brien, Stephen J., Adjunct Professor (National Institutes of Health). Molecular genetics, population genetics, developmental and cell biology, immunology and reproductive physiology.
Platt, Christopher, Adjunct Professor (National Institutes of Health). Sensory physiology; vestibular system; fine structure; comparative physiology.
Stoltzfus, Arlin, Fellow (Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research); Research Biologist (NIST).  Computational data analysis and modeling of molecular evolution (mutation biases, constructive neutral evolution, introns, parallel evolution, etc); phyloinformatics; evolutionary theory.
Yager, David D., Affiliate Associate Professor (Department of Psychology, UMCP). Neuroethology and sensory biology; evolution of sensory systems; hearing in insects; CNS processing of auditory information.
Zimmer, Elizabeth, Adjunct Associate Professor (Smithsonian Institution). Molecular systematics of plants, ribosomal DNA and angiosperm systematics.