College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Emeritus Faculty

 Cohen, Avis
Cohen, Avis
Professor Emerita (Joint Appointment with Institute for Systems Research). Motor physiology and control; neuromorphic engineering; computational neuroscience with an emphasis on systems of coupled oscillators. 
Clark, Eugenie , Professor Emeritus

Corliss, John O., Professor Emeritus

Gill, Douglas E. , Professor Emeritus
 Higgins, William J. Higgins, William J. , Associate Professor Emeritus. Neuromodulation; opiate receptors; intercellular communication among unicellular organisms.
 Inouye, David W. Inouye, David W., Professor Emeritus. Plant demography; plant-ant mutualisms; behavior and ecology of bumblebees; pollination biology. 
Pierce, Sidney K., Professor Emeritus (Professor Emeritus and Chair of Biology, University of South Florida)
 Popper, Arthur N. Popper, Arthur N., Professor Emeritus. Function, development and evolution of T6 auditory system in non-mammalian vertebrates.