College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Instructional Faculty


Bierman, Hilary
, Lecturer. Coordinates and supervises laboratories and lecturers for BSCI 441 Mammalian Physiology and BSCI 454 Neurophysiology, and serves as an undergraduate advisor.

Compton, Reid, Senior Lecturer and Director of College Park Scholars-Life Sciences. College Park Scholars is a two-year, living-learning community for selected, academically talented students. Life Sciences Scholars explore all aspects of life sciences through active engagement both on campus, and off, including travel-study programs to Alaska, Australia, and Belize.

Firestone, Jeffrey, Lecturer. Develops and supervises the laboratory curriculum for BSCI 106, teaches BSCI 106 and 207 and is the undergraduate adviser for the BSCI program in Ecology and Evolution (EcEv) as well as some students in PHNB.

Gedan, Keryn
, Lecturer. Instructor for BSCI 363 Biology of Extinction and Conservation, CONS 670 Conservation Biology, CONS 609 Adaptive Project Management, and CONS 608 Seminar. Directs BSCI 338q laboratories and servers as graduate advisor to CONS students.



Infantino, Robert, Associate Dean and Senior Lecturer

Lombardi, Sara, Instructor, BSCI 201, Human Anatomy & Physiology I; BSCI 202, Human Anatomy & Physiology II.


Opoku-Edusei, Justicia, Instructor. BSCI 201, Human Anatomy & Physiology; BSCI 342, Biology of Reproduction; BSCI 447, General Endocrinology. Academic advisor to students in the PHNB specialization.

Parent, Beth, Lecturer and Program Director Biological Sciences
University of Maryland Shady Grove Campus

Sandstrom, David
. Lecturer, Universities at Shady Grove



Woodham, Hadiya, Lecturer. Coordinates and supervises laboratories for BSCI 330 Cell Biology and Physiology and BSCI 421 Cell Biology, and serves as an undergraduate advisor.