College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Ades, Ibrahim, Associate Professor. Regulatory processes that govern eukaryotic cell development.

Araneda, Ricardo, Associate Professor. Sensory physiology: Neuromodulation and processing of olfactory information in the context of behavior.

Bely, Alexandra, Associate Professor. Evolution of regeneration and segmentation mechanisms in annelids; asexual reproduction; animal body plan evolution.

Borgia, Gerald, Professor. Evolution of mate choice; social structure and patterns of aid-giving behavior; sociobiology.

Butts, Daniel, Assistant Professor. Information processing in the visual pathway in the context of natural vision; role of time in the sensory coding; relationships between observable single-neuron physiology and system-level function.

Carleton, Karen

Carleton, Karen, Associate Professor. Evolution of visual systems, visual communication and speciation, phototransduction, sensory genomics.

Carr, Catherine,

Carr, Catherine, Professor. Cellular mechanisms of sound localization in birds; evolution of the auditory system.

Colombini, Marco

Colombini, Marco, Professor [and Affiliate of Chemistry & Biochemistry]. Structure and mode of action of membrane transport systems; molecular basis for voltage control of channel-forming proteins.

Cummings, Michael

Cummings, Michael, Associate Professor. Molecular evolution, bioinformatics, computational biology.

Dudash, Michele R.

Dudash, Michele R., Professor. Plant population biology; inbreeding depression; mating system evolution.

Bill Fagan

Fagan, William , Professor/Department Chair. Conservation Biology, Community Ecology, Theoretical Ecology.

Fenster, Charles B.

Fenster, Charles B., Professor. Plant evolution biology; mating systems; epistasis.


Gaudry, Quentin, Assistant Professor. Neural circuits that underlie behavior and neuromodulation in early sensory processing.

Haag, Eric S.

Haag, Eric S., Associate Professor. Molecular and functional evolution of nematode sexdetermination genes.

Jeffery, William R

Jeffery, William R., Professor. Evolution of developmental mechanisms in chordates.

Kanold, Patrick

Kanold, Patrick, Associate Professor. Mechanisms and circuits involved in the maturation of the cortical circuitry, development of patterned projection in the brain and the relation of synaptic maturation to critical periods, and development of the central auditory system.

Kocher, Thomas D.

Kocher, Thomas D., Professor. Molecular evolution, population genetics, evolution of development, genetics of speciation, evolution of sex determination.



Kraft, Nathan, Assistant Professor.  Community ecology; plant functional ecology; phylogenetics; tropical forest dynamics.*Arriving Summer, 2012*

Lips, Karen

Lips, Karen, Associate Professor, Director of the CONS graduate program. Neotropical Amphibian Ecology.

Machado, Carlos A.

Machado, Carlos A., Associate Professor. Evolutionary genetics and genomics, the process of species divergence, plant-insect coevolution.

Payne, Richard

Payne, Richard, Professor. Mechanisms of visual excitation in photoreceptors by injecting messenger molecules into cells and monitoring intracellular calcium release and the activity of ionic channels.

Quinlan, Elizabeth

Quinlan, Elizabeth, Associate Professor. Development of the vertebrate visual system, cellular and molecular basis of learning and memory.

Reaka, Marjorie L.

Reaka, Marjorie L., Professor, Director of Departmental Honors Program. Coral reef ecology; ecology and behavior of mantis shrimp; evolutionary ecology of life-history patterns in Crustacea.

Simon, Jonathan

Simon, Jonathan,  Professor (joint appointment with Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering). Neural processing, auditory computation, neurophysiology.



Singer, Joshua, Associate Professor. Synaptic transmission and information processing in small neural circuits; retinal neurophysiology.


Sukharev, Sergei

Sukharev, Sergei, Professor [and Affiliate of Chemistry & Biochemistry]. Molecular mechanisms of mechanosensation; mechano-activated ion channels, their structure and mechanisms of gating by membrane stretch.


Swenson, Nathan, Associate Professor. Plant Ecology and Evolution, Tropical Biology, Community Ecology, Biogeography, Plant Function, Phylogenetics, Biodiversity Informatics.(Starting Jul, 2015)

Via, Sara

Via, Sara, Professor. Evolutionary biology, evolutionary and ecological genetics, coevolution, population biology.

Wilkinson, Gerald S.

Wilkinson, Gerald S., Professor. Behavioral ecology and evolution; social behavior and communication in bats; sexual selection and morphological evolution in stalk-eyed flies.