College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Student Awards

Mr. Gerry Carter (advisor Dr. Jerry Wilkinson), has been awarded a Ford Foundation Fellowship from the National Research Council, which entails a three year fellowship for $22,000/year. Mr. Carter, who is studying the mechanisms underlying cooperative behavior in vampire bats, is one of only 40 students in the country to receive the Fellowship.







Krista Heiner

A Master's student in Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development (CONS) and Public Policy, Ms. Krista Heiner has been awarded a Fulbright research grant to Mali. Fulbright proposals to sub-Saharan Africa are extremely competitive, with only a 12% acceptance rate nationally. Ms. Heiner will study local natural resource management conventions in Mali and their integration across institutional levels. In conjunction with the Group de Recherche en Sociologie et Droit Appliqué (GERSDA) at the University of Bamako and Sahel Eco, a local NGO, she will examine the perspectives of stakeholders at local, regional, and national levels to understand how local conventions might be better integrated at each of these levels to enable their long-term success.





A number of graduate students have been awarded Eugenie Clark summer fellowships. The Eugenie Clark summer fellowship was established in May 1992 by Dr. Eugenie Clark, and friends and associates. The income is used to provide scholarships to students with impressive academic credentials and with an interest in pursuing research careers in the biological sciences, with some preference for students in organismic biology and/or marine biology. Scholarships will be for research with faculty in the Department of Biology at the University.

Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded Eugenie Clark summer fellowships:

Ms. Carolina Diller
Mr. Gerry Carter
Ms. Sarah Rockwell
Mr. Carlos Flores

Ms. Katie Willis was also awarded a Eugenie Clark summer fellowship, but Mr. Flores replaced her as a recipient since she has received a year of support from the CEBH training grant. Congrats to Ms. Willis as well!


Mr. Ian Rowe received a Department Teaching Award, which recognizes the best teaching assistant in the department each year.


Richard SmithMr. Richard Smith received a Department Research Award, which recognizes the best graduate student researcher in the department each year. As well, Mr. Smith was awarded a Chateaubriand Fellowship from the French government to complete a research project in Paris for one year. Mr. Smith will be working in the laboratory of Dr. Alain Marty at Paris Descartes University, where they will be using advanced imaging and electrophysiology techniques to study inhibition in sensory systems. These experiments will be part of a collaboration between the Marty and the Araneda lab. In addition, Mr. Smith was awarded a Graduate Fellowship from the National Science Foundation this past April.