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Biology Undergraduate Program

The Department of Biology is committed to an integrative understanding of organisms ranging from processes occurring at the level of molecules to human impacts on global ecological processes. This integrative approach is evident in the variety of courses we offer. Courses offered by Biology may focus on the function of molecules or cells (e.g. Membrane Biophysics, Mammalian Histology, Neurophysiology), on the integration of organ systems (e.g. Vertebrate form and function, Mammalian Physiology), on the interaction of organisms with each other and their environment (e.g. Animal Behavior, Plant Ecology, Population Ecology), on evolutionary process and diversification (e.g. Principles of Evolution, Invertebrate Biology), and/or on the relationship between humans and their environment (e.g. Biology of Conservation and Extinction). In addition to a strong foundation in basic biology, our faculty provide students interested in medical careers with courses that discuss medical applications (Biology of Cancer, Diseases of the Nervous System) and evolutionary considerations (Darwinian Medicine). Our program has particular strengths in neuroscience, evolutionary developmental biology, and ecology. Our diverse faculty, and our linkages with other institutions such as the National Institutes of Health and the Smithsonian institution, provide students with a wealth of research opportunities to prepare them for careers in medicine, conservation biology, public policy, and more.

The Undergraduate Curricula

The Undergraduate program in Biology is part of the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences Biological Sciences Program. Although all students in the Biological Sciences Program take the same CORE, basic program, and supporting courses, students can choose from several different specialization areas. The Department of Biology administers and provides advising for two specialization areas: Physiology and Neurobiology (PHNB) and Ecology and Evolution (ECEV). In addition, the Department of Biology participates in the university-wide program in Environmental Science and Policy by overseeing and advising students in the Biodiversity and Conservation Biology specialization.

General questions about Admissions and the Limited Enrollment Program

For general information on the Limited Enrollment Program and/or admissions contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies at:

More specific information on Limited Enrollment Programs can be found at:

Questions about admission to the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Contact Eden Garosi, Coordinator for Undergraduate  Admissions, Counseling, and Recruitment at:

Eden Garosi, 1318A Symons Hall, 301-314-8375, 

Specific questions about the specializations administered by the Biology Department.

Follow the appropriate links below and/or contact the Biology Undergraduate Office (

Undergraduate Research

General resources for finding undergraduate research opportunities in the biological sciences can be found here.

Academically strong students who are interested in pursuing undergraduate research should consider the Biology Department Honors program.

Undergraduate Advising

There is a wealth of academic advising resources available to Biology Undergraduate students. Students who have not yet completed foundational courses and declared a specialization area are advised by the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences office in Symons Hall. Information on College advising resources, including scheduling appointments, peer mentoring, and pre-professional advising is available here.

Once foundational courses have been completed, students are advised by faculty members within departments. For students pursuing specializations administered by the Department of Biology, advising questions and appointment scheduling is done through the Department of Biology Undergraduate Office (contact information below).

Contact Us

For general information about the Biological Sciences undergraduate program, and for questions or concerns related to college-administered courses (BSCI105, 106, 207, 222), contact the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences Biological Sciences Program office at 301-405-6892.  

For more specific information about the Physiology and Neurobiology (PHNB),  Ecology and Evolution (ECEV), and Environmental Science - Biodiversity and Conservation (ENSP-BIOD) undergraduate programs, including upper level advising, please contact the Department of Biology undergraduate office at:

Biology Department Undergraduate office
Room 2227, Biology/Psychology Building
Phone: (301) 405-6904
Dr. Reid Compton - Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Biology
Ms. Cecilia Jordan - Academic Programs Specialist, Department of Biology