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A. Undergraduates are eligible to enter the Biology Department Honors Program upon attaining sophomore standing. Acceptance into the program is possible but is not encouraged after the first semester of the junior year.

B. Students who have an overall cumulative gradepoint average of at least 3.0 may be considered for program admission. Transfer students with equivalent academic records at other accredited institutions are also eligible. Admission will not be based on grades alone, but on some evidence of maturity and interest that suggests they are likely to successfully complete the requirements for graduation with Honors. Students do not have to be Biology majors to participate.

C. Students must have identified a faculty mentor and arranged for sponsorship before an application can be reviewed. The mentor must be a Biology faculty member or a close affiliate of the department such as an adjunct faculty member of the department or a biologist working closely with Biology faculty. If a student is not certain whether or not a particular faculty member qualifies as a Biology Honors Program mentor, the student should contact the Director of the Biology Honors Program. If a student is not certain about who he/she wants to work with, they should consult with faculty in their area of interest and consider working in the laboratories of potential mentors by registering for non-honors research (e.g., BSCI 279 or BSCI 399). Registration for the latter requires prior approval of the potential faculty mentor. To help identify prospective mentors, a student may also wish to check with the Biology Undergraduate Office (Room 2227 Biology-Psychology Building) or with the Director of the Biology Honors Program for further suggestions. 

D. Ideally, interested students should submit an application to the Director of the Honors Program at least one month prior to the semester the student wishes to enter the program, but applications are considered on a rolling basis as well. The selection of students for the Honors Program is the responsibility of the Program Director, who will consider the past performance of the student, the student's interest and prospects for success in the program.  

Biology Honors Program Brochure

Biology Honors Program Application Form