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Physiology and Neurobiology Specialization (PHNB)

Physiology and Neurobiology (PHNB)

The Physiology and Neurobiology (PHNB) specialization provides students with a strong background in cell biology as a foundation for advanced courses exploring topics as diverse as the biology of cancer, animal behavior, and developmental biology. Students who are planning to go to medical or graduate school will find the PHNB curriculum to be excellent preparation, and the many opportunities within the department and in the surrounding area will allow students to supplement their course work with valuable clinical and research experience. The biology department has particular strengths in neuroscience and sensory biology, and our teaching and research programs are linked with those in Psychology, Computer Science, Linguistics, Kinesiology, and many others.

A description of requirements and coursework in the Physiology and Neurobiology specialization can be found by clicking the links below:

Physiology and Neurobiology Curriculum Sheet (PDF) - PHNB Curriculum Sheet

Physiology and Neurobiology - PHNB Sample 4-year plan

Students interested in Advising Resources for the Medical/Health related careers should consult the Reed-Yorke Health Professions advising office.